Color Protective Conditioner for Warm Toned 固色護色染(暖色調) 320ml


Suitable for warm toned dyed hair. All-around locking the coloring elements into the hair. Keeping dyed hair color for a longer time. Provides shininess, silk-like smoothness and moisturization. Added high-quality refined oils such as argan oil to repair the hair after dyeing and maintain the constant luster of the hair.

Warm toned color included coffee, red, orange, and yellow series.

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Color Protective Conditioner for Warm Toned 固色護色染(暖色調) 320ml


1. Choose cold / warm color toned according to hair color after dyeing.

2. Neutralize faded and brass-yellow hair color.

3. Use silver toned to neutralize yellow hair after bleaching, and mixed with cold / warm toned to present different hair colors.

4. Stay for about 15 minutes for more saturated hair color.


How to use

Shampoo: Apply moderate amount of shampoo onto wet hair, gently massage the scalp, and rinse thoroughly.

Conditioner: After using shampoo, take moderate amount of conditioner and smooth through the hair tail. Avoid applying on the hair roots. Leave in for few minutes and rinse thoroughly.


✳ Complementary coloration for dyed or bleached hair color, not suitable for native black and white hair.

✳ Not recommended for pregnant women, breastfeeding, infants and urticaria patients.

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